21.11.2024 Treviso, Italy

Gain Elevation Gain, event for entrepreneurs and athletes, in Treviso, Italy

an exclusive live opportunity dedicated to the corporate world with premium contents

Discover your Elevation Gain

Discover your Elevation Gain (EG+). In mountaineering and cycling, “Elevation Gain,” literally, represents the total amount of ascent of a route from point A to point B. Imagine that you start from a lower point to reach a higher one: you face ascents and descents during your journey. The elevation gain is obtained by adding up all the meters of ascent on that route. For example, if in one day you climb 1,000 meters, descend 500 meters and then climb 300 meters, your elevation gain for that day will be 1,300 meters.

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This concept finds an interesting metaphor in the entrepreneurial sphere. Just as in the mountains, moments of growth and challenges are faced in entrepreneurial projects. The entrepreneurial journey is marked by stages of ascent and descent, and the end goal-achievement-is measured by elevation gain, namely the sum of the challenges overcome and the successes achieved along the way.

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  • designed to inspire

  • Inspiration from Established Leaders

    Listen to the stories of those who have reached the top, learn from their experiences and turn around transformative ideas.

  • High-Level Networking

    Expand your network with professionals and leaders in "making" who are at the top of their game.

  • Premium Content

    Get access to exclusive conversations and content designed to inspire thought and action.



Attend an exclusive opportunity dedicated to the corporate world. Seating is limited to ensure a quality experience and effective networking. Secure your place at the event of the year, a source of unparalleled inspiration, learning and connections.



Meet eight leading personalities: four world-class athletes and four visionary entrepreneurs. These extraordinary personalities will share their stories of courage, determination and innovation in achieving their Elevation Gain.



Immerse yourself in a prestigious setting in the heart of the Treviso area. You will be welcomed into the headquarters of an Italian business excellence, a hallmark of vision, creativity and big bets, and you will be seated alongside other excellences.

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14:30 - 16:30

Unique Immersive Experiences

Explore exclusive activities to experience the power of the past and the potential of the future.

16:30 - 19:30

Keynote Speeches

Address topics through authentic stories from selected athletes and entrepreneurs, both inside and outside their fields of endeavor, in an open conversation with the facilitator, each other and the audience.

19:00 - 20:00

Interactive Sessions

Interact face-to-face with our distinguished guests in interactive sessions where you can ask questions, seek advice and gain unique insights.

20:00 - 23:00

Exclusive Dinner

An excellent networking opportunity in a convivial and relaxed setting. Collect valuable moments with speakers and guests, making connections that could define the future of your career and your business.

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Sports&Beyond and T.W.I.N, in their commitment to innovation and excellence, are organizing this exclusive event that synergistically unites the worlds of sports and business in a unique experience.

Logo Sports & Beyond, sports communication and marketing agency

The great power that sports has in creating a direct emotional bond with its viewing audience led us over a decade ago to desire to develop ambitious sports storytelling projects intertwining them with business stories. Sports&Beyond carefully selects athletes who have not only distinguished themselves as excellences in sports but also know how to impeccably communicate their unique and authentic stories and to participate in debates on current general issues with knowledge of the subject matter, turning into true sources of inspiration.

T.W.I.N srl, Financial and corporate communication, and Investor Relations agency

Each project is a canvas where we bring together the experiences and skills of our team, applying six simple steps that enable us to develop customized, valuable solutions. We engage in an in-depth immersion into the business, including the people and processes. Conducting benchmarking activities, and acquiring industry knowledge that enables T.W.I.N to ensure the correct positioning and attractiveness of the company in the capital markets by promoting a solid base of shareholders and financiers.

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